Elite PPE offers head-to-toe Personal Protective Equipment to help you keep your business compliant and your employees safe.

Meeting your safety obligations to your employees is a serious business.
Making the workplace safe includes providing instructions, procedures, training and supervision to encourage people to work safely and responsibly.

PPE includes hard hats, ear plugs, safety glasses, harnesses, respirators and more… PPE is Personal Protective Equipment that offers workers protection on the job. It includes Safety Equipment and supplies that protects the eyes, face, head, hands and feet in occupations where injuries are common. There are respiratory devices and fall protection devices that all fall under the category of PPE in addition to other types of equipment and supplies.

We supply all of the PPE that is needed for workplace safety and All at Competitive Prices that will also protect your bottom line!

Our Range of PPE & Safety Equipment includes:


    Head Protection

  • Hard Hats
  • Helmets
  • Bump Caps
  • Guards
  • Accessories

    Hand Protection

  • Work Gloves
  • Chemical Hazard
  • Mechanical Hazard
  • Specialist Hand Protection
  • Thermal Hazard

    Eye and Face Protection

  • Safety Glasses
  • Eye Shields
  • Face Shields
  • Eye Wear Accessories
  • Visors
  • Safety Goggles

    Breathing Apparatus

  • Working Sets
  • Escape Sets

    Safety Footwear

  • Safety Boots
  • Food Industry Footwear
  • Gumboots
  • Safety Workwear

  • Chemical Suits
  • Hi-Vizibility Clothing
  • Boiler Suits
  • Conti Suits
  • Disposable Wear
  • Freezer Wear
  • Leather Wear
  • Rain Wear

    Hearing Protection

  • Ear Plugs
  • Ear Defenders
  • Noise Meters
  • Communications Sets

    Respiratory Protection

  • Lightweight Respirators
  • Powered Respirators
  • Filter Respirators
  • Replacement Filters
  • Detectors
  • Monitors

    Fall Arrest Equipment

  • Safety Harnesses
  • Fall Arresters
  • Elbow and Wrist Supports
  • Back Supports

If you require any help or advice regarding your PPE & Safety Equipment needs, please get in touch via the Contact Form, or Call us on the above number. One of our team will be happy to help.


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NB: The images on this page, in no ways represents the full range of products we supply, We can and do supply EVERYTHING you could require, please call, or contact us using the above form, and we will either email or hand deliver our catalogues, to you.

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